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patentsworth is a professional intellectual property (IP) firm providing a comprehensive range of IP services and solutions for domestic and international clients. We vow to contribute to and change the IP landscape in Malaysia, which still leaves plenty of room for improvement in many areas.

Based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the firm has grown gradually but consistently since its inception. Our growth has been built upon the strength of our reputation for excellence, our ability to deliver cost-effective, resolution-oriented services, and in our innovative and responsive attention to the needs of our clients.

Our key founder, with a strong technical background and solid IP practice, opines that the IP industry is not just a mundane, no-nonsense business. Instead, it is a world of hospitable interaction, and there is always a more creative alternative route to fulfil a client’s needs, and all it takes is creativity, experience and perseverance.

At patentsworth, we always go the extra mile to offer innovative IP solutions, both local and international, from value creation to value extraction, throughout the whole IP value chain. Backed by competent technical, legal expertise, we have an all-embracing team of interdisciplinary talents to tackle various IP-related issues, be they technical or contentious matters.

You will find us accommodative, easy to approach and work with, a heart-warming experience that is sure to bring a smile to your face. We exhibit pure hospitality, passion and enthusiasm that wins confidence and trust, and a comprehensive, long-term solution of great foresight and highest standard to accord full protection and benefits of your intellectual assets.

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