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MFI Capital Sdn Bhd

MFI Capital Sdn Bhd is a vertically integrated Malaysian investment company with a mandate to create sustainable financial returns, furthering the Group’s strategic objective of a globally integrated and diversified business.

Established as the financial investment arm of the MFI Group, the Company invest in various sectors of businesses across the capital structure of both private and public equity, either directly or through third-party managed funds and aim to maintain a well-diversified portfolio that generates superior risk-adjusted returns to the Group.

Private Equity

Our investment key principles are:

  • Research-driven, value-oriented investment strategy with a focus on capital preservation, growth and long-term wealth creation.
  • Proactive and flexible investment style with demonstrated ability to capitalize on high quality opportunities as a lead investor or alongside partners.
  • Deep relationships with best in class financial and strategic partners that can be leveraged to generate proprietary sourcing opportunities, global insights and network benefits for portfolio companies.
  • Active portfolio management approach with a preference for board seats at portfolio companies where the investment team has the ability to create value over time.

Public Equity

Our key attributes of the investment portfolio include:

  • Quality businesses typically earning high unlevered returns on invested capital with significant barriers to entry and predictable and reliable cash flow generators.
  • Easy to understand businesses operating in a well-known industry and analyzable from the outside.
  • Businesses that have compelling valuations with highly skewed risk / reward profiles and high margins of safety with price to value discounts of 50 percent or more.
  • Target businesses are typically mispriced for a range of reasons: businesses / industries in transition, temporary financial underperformance, not currently on investors’ radar screens, businesses facing capital structure challenges and situational complexities, among others.
  • Achieve strong, long-term returns with a focus on capital preservation.
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