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MFI Money

MFI Money Sdn Bhd is a premier, innovative and fast-growing alternative finance solution company in Malaysia that
aim to cater for the financing needs in the secondary market.

With the stringent credit policy imposed by Bank Negara Malaysia to all financial institutions, the demand for alternative funding channel or secondary market has been drastically increasing.

As a licensed Money Lending and Pawn Broking company under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT), MFI Money offers a wide range of comprehensive funding solution designed to meet your financial goals.

We offer fee based services and both secured and unsecured finance solution ranging from Finance Advisory,
Personal Financing, Collateral-based Financing and Factoring.

Our margin of finance and remuneration rate are varies depending on the type of finance solutions.

Alternatively, we also offer a hassle-free solution to property owners where we purchase outright their property
ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and land.

Explore more about our products

Kindly contact us at +60 3 2727 0050 / +60 3 2727 0051 and our Financial Advisors will be at your assistance.

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