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CTG Capital Sdn Bhd

CTG Capital Sdn Bhd was established to support the Group’s automotive business by offering auto financing facility to the eligible buyer.

The strict auto financing approval policy imposed by Bank Negara Malaysia had continuously affected the total industry volume. This policy has a direct impact on the purchase of vehicles in the market and would affect buyers as they may find it difficult to secure loans.

Some of these buyers are genuine. Just because of the policy set by the central bank had affected their eligibility for the auto financing facility with banks.

In view of that, CTG Capital Sdn Bhd has taken this opportunity to offer auto financing facility to cater for these group of customers.

With highly experienced credit professionals, we had strengthened our auto financing model to manage the risk of non-performing loans.

We finance up to 70% of the car selling price at a monthly rate ranging from 4% to 8% subject to the condition and age of the car.

Aligned with MFI Autohaus business, we believe that this is an added value to promotes the company’s automotive sales and additional revenue to the Group.

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