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A Globally Diversified Group

In the backdrop of a rapidly changing world where the need and demand for new and innovative products and services keep constantly changing, expanding and diversifying as economic, social and political scenarios change, necessity is more likely to arise for ventures hitherto managed separately to be amalgamated.

In some instances, the combination is in related fields, in some they are diverse, and yet in others, they are a mix of related and diverse fields.

MFI Group composed of specialist companies which was born with the objective of combining their long-term experience in the field of financial services, investment and international trade with in-depth market knowledge for the benefit of their clients and customers.

MFI is considered to be a profitable, innovative, diversified and sustainable group that actively trade and service globally. Our business activities cover four key segments – automotive trading, financial services, renewable energy development and maritime.

The Group aims to provide professional services and quality products with long-term value propositions to its clients and customers.

Our Vision
To be one of the leading
globally-diversified group
in Malaysia.
Our Mission
We are dedicated to deliver an exceptional lasting business value and consistently exceeds the clients’ expectations with our quality and reliable products and services; professionalism, integrity and transparency.
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